Step 1. Install/Activate The Recommended Plugins

Install Activate Plugins

Once you install the theme,

i. go to menu "Appearance" > "Install Plugins".
ii. Install and activate the recommended plugins.

The functionalities of each plugin is described in menu "Appearance" > "About i-craft" under tab "Plugins"

Step 2. Start Demo Content And Setup Import

Install Activate Plugins

In this step we would import the demo contents and settings. Make sure you have all the recommended plugins are installed and active.

i. Go to menu "Appearance" > "i-craft Demo Setup".
ii. Choose your demo and press "Import".

This process might be little frustrating and time consuming for sites on shared hosting.
We have covered the recommended server settings in FAQ section of "About i-craft".

Step 3. Grab A Cup Of Coffee And Wait

Install Activate Plugins

Nothing to do in this step, Just grab a cup of coffee and wait for the importer to import all the contents, media files and settings.
It might take 5 minute or 30 minute or even more depending on your servers health, network speed, etc. If it fails try again ..
if it fails after repeated attempts, ask your host to increase your resources.

Step 4. Pagebuilder interface

Install Activate Plugins

Not a step, but introduction to Page Builder interface.

1. ADD ROW : The building blocks of your pages. Rows are further divided in columns.
2. ADD WIDGET : The blocks that contains your contents, like texts, lists, images, etc.
3. ROW ANCHOR : The anchor to click, hold and drag. It lets you sort the rows.
4. ROW SETTINGS : Delete, Duplucate and Edit menu to change appearance and layout of the row.
5. WIDGET SETTINGS : Delete, Duplicate and Edit menu to change contents, appearance and layout.

More details in the following video :

Step 5. Add An Widget In A Row

Install Activate Plugins

Choose a widget, Most of the default WordPress widgets are designed to be used in sidebars.
The widgets you would likely to use as contents are the SiteOrigin PageBuilder widgets (blue ones) and TemplatesNext Toolkit widgets (orange one).
If you are using i-craft for WooCommerce, "TX WooCommerce Products Carousel" is the one you would use most frequently.

Step 6. TX WooCommerce Products Carousel Widget

Install Activate Plugins

You can display you products or categories as list or carousel using this widget.

The filter available are :
1. Recent Products
2. Product Categories (Category id can be used as filter as well)
3. Featured Products
4. Products On Sale
5. Best Selling Products
6. Top Rated Products
7. Products By Ids