Some of the demo layout we have create with i-spirit

Setting of these demo layouts are packed within the packackage. You can use any one of these demo settings as your starting point.

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  1. I have some questions, i try to build a new website, not much experience but just want to know about the woocommerce, any shipping method includes on woocommerce. eg. Fedex, usps?

    1. You can import the settings as well as the contents and replicate the demo and change the contents according to your liking. Find video guide here

          1. I just installed the 1.1.8 beta and looks like it is working. 🙂

            Any release date for the final? Is it the beta ready for production?

  2. Hi. When I make a change to the ‘Title Background’, the change does not apply the change to all pages, and sometimes is not applied to any when I save. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

    1. The default header background color is the theme color you choose in theme options > general settings, once you change the header color for the listing pages in theme options > header options, the default color for the pages and posts also changes. Every page/posts has options to change individual header background color or image.

      Remember once you create a page/post and change the default colors from theme options, the existing page/post header background color/image will not change. you will have to edit the page/post to change their individual header color/image.

      1. Thanks. Just to clarify, I’m talking about the Title Background, not the header.

        When I created the main pages (20 of them) the default setting for the Title Background was for a colour.

        Once I have created the pages and added the content and I’m working on the appearance of the site, I decided to add the background image on the Title Background instead of the colour (like you have on your sample site).

        When I look at this setting in the >iSpirit options>Archive/Category/Blog options, I have quite a few options for setting this up (inherit, contain, fixed etc). But you point out that this won’t apply settings to existing pages, only new.

        So, when I try and change the setting on the individual page (Pages>Edit) I don’t have any of the additional settings – all I can do is to add an image, then select repeat/cover, or fixed. Using this method I can’t seem to get the desired outcome.

        Is there a preferred image size for this function?

        PS – it would be a great feature if a change like this could be applied globally to all pages!

        Thanks for any help you can provide.

    1. Premium plugins are prepackaged within the theme. Rest are there on repo. You do not have to install them one by one, i-spirit creates a menu “appearance” – “install plugins”. You can install and activate all of them at once.

  3. Once you install i-spirit and recommended plugins, go to menu appearance – i-spirit demo setup. We have one click demo setup feature in i-spirit, which will import demo con8, sliders,theme settings and WordPress admin settings.

  4. Hi Marsian, I have some questions about the appearance of ‘posts’ on the front page of the site. I can’t seem to get the appearance quite how I want it. Is this the best method for contacting you, or can I email you or use an alternative to this? Thank you, Justin

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