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Nissan NV200 Have Problems With Transmission, Oil Pressure Sensors and Steering

Ford is recalling 7,153 Lincoln MKZ sedans for faulty transmission sensors that can lock the vehicle in park, according to filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The 2013 and 2014 MKZ Hybrid has a transmission sensor that may read the gear selection incorrectly as neutral when it is really in park and let the driver engage the drive position without stepping on the brake. However, the software will recognize the fault and shift the transmission back into park and apply the handbrake. A warning light will illuminate along with the message “Shift system fault, Service required.”

Nissan NV200

Nissan NV200

Ford said it received warranty claims and several vehicles with this condition over the past few months. The MKZ is all-new for 2013 and was initially delayed for several months after quality problems at the factory. There have been no related injuries or rollaways due to the problem, Ford said. Only Hybrid models are affected.

Owners should have already received notification to take their cars to a Lincoln dealer, which will update the transmission software.

In November, Ford recalled 139,917 Escape SUVs in the U.S. to fix engine problems that could result in fires under the hood. The automaker was also fined $17.35 million by the NHTSA in August for delaying a recall on older Escape models.

Volvo received five owner reports in the U.S. from February through November citing engine noise and little or no oil in the engine. Volvo said the oil sensors that would normally flash an alert on the instrument panel were not activated and therefore the drivers did not know their engines were low on oil. In at least two of the cases, Volvo mechanics forgot to refill the engine with oil after a service. In all cases, the engine was replaced due to excessive damage. Only 5-cylinder engines are affected, Volvo said.


Nissan GT-R vs. Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series, the $100,000 showdown: Motoramic TV

If you’ve got $100,000 to spend on a brawny four-seat performance coupe, you face an interesting (and wonderful) dilemma: Do you want the ultimate version of something relatively normal, or a normal version of something that’s pretty ultimate in the first place? Representing the two camps, we corralled a $107,600 Nissan GT-R Black Edition and a $129,725 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series. The Nissan’s only option was a $280 set of floor mats. In the case of the Benz, Mercedes throws in the floor mats for free. Which is nice, because the rest of the options cost $65,720.

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

Yes, the C63 Black Series is the rare car that carries options worth more than the underlying vehicle itself, in this case the mighty C63 AMG coupe. With the full Black Series treatment, the Benz is a about a roll cage and gutted interior away from the starting grid at a Pirelli World Challenge race. Adjustable coil-over suspension on a street car? Yep. And a 510-hp naturally aspirated V8, flared fenders (the rear track is 3.1 inches wider than a stock C63), bigger brakes, an active differential with cooler — the Black Series equipment list is long. The result is a cost-no-object C-class, a bellowing 186-mph coupe that evokes German DTM cars.

Put it this way: very few cars can get away with an adjustable carbon fiber wing bolted to the trunk. This is one of them. Mercedes isn’t saying how many C63 Blacks they’re building, but they do say they’re all sold out. Better keep an eye on the classifieds.

The Nissan, on the other hand, was built from scratch as an all-conquering speed monster. Nissan tweaks its halo car a little bit each year, and the 2013 GT-R now sports 545 hp from its hand-built, twin-turbo V6. That power deploys through a dual clutch transmission and a torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system that enables retina-crushing launches and physics-bending corner exits. Essentially, if there’s a piece of technology that makes a car go faster, the GT-R has it. You wouldn’t call a GT-R pretty, but it’s gorgeous in its purposefulness.

The GT-R and C63 Black approach the muscle-coupe question from completely different angles. Rear-wheel-drive versus all-wheel-drive. Automatic transmission versus dual-clutch sequential. Honkin’ huge naturally aspirated V-8 versus turbo V-6. Analog versus digital, really. The GT-R is clearly faster, but is it more fun?

Mercedes C63 AMG

Mercedes C63 AMG Black

To seek wisdom on this existential question, I recruited my friend Jason Wenig, proprietor of The Creative Workshop in Dania Beach, Fla. Wenig’s company executes high-end restorations and he regularly gets wheel time in cars that most of us have never seen in person. So I’m interested to see what he thinks of the latest, greatest $100,000 efforts from modern Mercedes-Benz and Nissan.

To ensure we have room to fully exercise this two-car herd of 1,055 horsepower, we head to an abandoned airstrip. There, we learn a few things. The GT-R, despite its all-wheel-drive, will do whatever you want it to do — tail-out, tire-smoking drifts included. At full throttle, the Benz hurls thunder while the Nissan soundtrack is all intake, a symphony of shredded atmosphere. Both these cars have brakes that dig in hard enough to rip loose pebbles from the pavement at 130 mph. Oh, and you might be aware that many Benzes won’t let you fully deactivate the stability control system. This one definitely will.

By the end of the day, we’d reached some conclusions. One of us preferred the lurid slides, high-rpm V-8 and in-your-face style of the widebody Benz. The other picked the Nissan and its all-out performance, its high-tech devotion to making its driver look good. Which would you choose? It’s a great question.